How About a Trade?

How about a Trade

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Antique Guns
Old Cartridge Belts & Holsters
Rifle Scabbards
Old Holster Catalogs
Powder Cans
Old Ammunition
Old Saddles & Bridles
Branding Irons

Rawhide Ropes
Horse Hair Ropes
Old Saddle Catalogs
Any Mens Clothing before 1920
Old Western Wear Catalogs
Spurs & Chaps
Riding cuffs

General Store Items
General Store Fixtures
Horse Hair Hat Bands
Gambling Items
Poker Chips, Cards
Put & Take Tops
Dice/Dice Cups


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Call and We Can Talk Toll Free (866) 259-9172
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With information and photos of items you may wish to Trade or Consigne.

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