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How About a Trade?


How 'Bout A Trade?

In recent years we at River Junction have experienced a phenomena that seems to be pleasurable for both my customer and myself. That is making a mail order trade. When this idea was first presented to me by one of my customers, long since lost to my memory, I wasn't too sure how well it would work, but we have found that it is quite an effective business tool. Basically what it boils down to is if you have any of the types of items that are mentioned on my 'Wanted to Trade For" list or anything that might fall into the category of being American West, either antique or reproduction, I will probably have some interest in it. Usually the way this works is the customer decides the value of an item he has, talks to me briefly about it on the telephone. If I give him the indication that I think I may be interested at the price he has in mind, he sends that item to me for inspection. If I am satisfied, the merchandise that he wants is treated just like any other order and is forwarded to him immediately, if we have it in stock. If not we make it up to his specifications.

Some of the items that I have traded for are: antique saddle bags, antique holsters, keywind antique watches, muzzle loading reproduction rifles, cap and ball revolvers, antique or sometimes modern spurs, antique police items such as night sticks and badges.

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Call and We Can Talk Toll Free (866) 259-9172
E-Mail theboss@alpinecom.net
With information and photos of items you may wish to trade.

River Junction Trade Co. may be interested in accepting your collection to be sold on a consignment basis. Our present consignment fee is 20% of the sale price of the item. In a consignment arrangement, the consignor will be required to ship the items to us so that they can be properly photographed and described for publication on the website, and they will remain in our possession until either sold or the consignment agreement is terminated. Specific terms can be tailored to meet the needs of the client. We are interested in taking singular items or entire collections.

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