z Sold ~ Antique Flick Stick Cane Sword cane

z Sold ~ Antique Flick Stick Cane Sword cane
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Flick Stick Cane -Mid 19th Century-A black thorn branch with an ejecting steel, pike blade and white metal cover. Fine condition and perfectly working. 
A flick of the wrist reveals the stiletto blade hidden within this "flicker" cane.  When the cane is swung in an arc, centrifugal force causes a 4 3/4" pointed stiletto to emerge from the hollow ferrule.  The overall length as a cane is 36" and the condition is very good. It is an uncommon version of this type of defensive weapon curio.  Made of a single piece of debarked, natural blackthorn wood.  with a hinged flap at its center.  It has a sharp pointed tip and could be a formidable defensive weapon. It has a initialed silver band about 6 inches down from the top. The initials are H. G. C. or maybe
K. G. C. The engraving is somewhat crude.  The piece ends with a brass and iron ferrule that bares the mark "HLH". The overall length is 36" and the condition is very good.  (Similar pieces are pictured in "Canes Through the Ages", by Francis H. Monek.)

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