z Sold ~ Spike Tomahawk - Hearts and diamonds
z Sold ~  Spike Tomahawk - Hearts and diamonds
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z Sold ~ Spike Tomahawk - Hearts and diamonds

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The spike tomahawk was primarily used as a weapon. It was the favorite of the eastern tribes through the Great Lakes and survived in popularity with the pipe tomahawk into the American West. Many examples and various shapes of this tomahawk were used.

Both Indians and white men used spike tomahawks.  Indians, used tomahawks as a weapon until the end of the Indian Wars.  Even after that, it remained important to the Indians as it had great symbolic and spiritual significance to them. 

 Spike tomahawks were produced in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Most were plain but some were inlaid and engraved in a manner rivaling the best custom-made rifles of the day.  

 This spike tomahawk is mostly done by hand, with a file.

It is authentic and is copied from a photo in one of the three major works on tomahawks published in the last fifty years.  The manner of attaching the head to the handle is from the late period (e.g. the head is upon from the front of the handle.  This is done because the hatchet has a straight eye as opposed to a tapered eye.

Measurements: Blade Width 2 1/2 in

Head Length 8 1/4 in

Handle 20 1/2 in

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NOTE: These tomahawks are sold as decorative art only and are not warranted for any other use.


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