Pinkerton or Stallion Grips RJT#1377
Pinkerton or Stallion Grips RJT#1377
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Pinkerton or Stallion Grips RJT#1377

RJT#1377 -


These Grips are made of polyurethane to which the maker adds 20 to 60% Ivory or bone to get the finished color and antique look.The Grips are made to close specifications as to assure a good fit to your gun. Some sanding might be required to get a perfect fit. Our Uberti Pinkerton or Stallion grips are made slightly oversized and can be fitted to most clones unless otherwise specified.
When any of these grips are installed as a two piece grip they will require drilling a screw hole and installing Grips escutcheons and screw.
Please note that Colt Pinkerton grips will not fit Rugers. See our selection of Ruger grips.

Delivery of item will be in 3 - 6 business days to Continental USA.

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