z Sold ~ Monarch Card Holdout
z Sold ~ Monarch Card Holdout
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z Sold ~ Monarch Card Holdout

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Monarch Card Holdout.   For years collectors of antique gambling equipment have asked each other, "Have you found anything that proves sleeve card holdouts were used by gamblers to hold a card up their sleeve?" Well, today is that day.

In the book entitled "Monte Carlo, Secret Service Sealed Book, "Don't Be A Sucker",  "Cheating Exposed, 100 Ways to Win, 100 Ways to Cheat".  Copyright 1925, page 43, there is an illustration at the bottom of the page clearly showing a sleeve holdout along with a description which reads, " Sleeve Holdout - attached to the underside of the sleeve. Simple and effective method of holdout."

Now "Monarch " was just one of many different names for holdouts but no matter what they were called they all served the same purpose. "I suspect this item made someone a lot of money and maybe a bullet hole or two, a nice original relic of riverboat and saloon Wild West days and cultured parlor games in men's only clubs. The spring clip part holds to the cuff and the clip holds the card up the sleeve." I am only offering the holdout. The Wizard Cuff Holder display stand is not for sale.

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