z Sold ~ Arkansas Toothpick with Bill Cleaver Sheath
z Sold ~ Arkansas Toothpick with Bill Cleaver Sheath
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z Sold ~ Arkansas Toothpick with Bill Cleaver Sheath

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_Arkansas Toothpickî. The Arkansas Toothpick is essentially a heavy dagger with a pointed, straight  blade. The "toothpick"  can  be used for thrusting and slashing. James Black, known as a possible inventor of the Bowie Knife, is also credited with inventing the Arkansas Toothpick.   It was originally a weapon used in the late 18th and early 19th Century by fighting men.

The nature of the "Arkansas toothpick" is to be heavy enough to be used as a hatchet for cutting wood, but sharp enough for shaving or combat. Its versatility had such an impact that Arkansas was sometimes called "The Toothpick State". This one has a 12 inch blade and is 17 inches overall With a stag handle.

The sheath was made by ((Wild Bill Cleaver)) of Vashon, Washington.  Wild Bill's originals have been sought after by those who love new "old" looking holsters and knife sheaths.  The leather has been distressed to give the look of a well-used antique sheath.  Bill's signature is found on the loop of the sheath.

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