Spurs - Ramrod Bright Steel Spurs
Spurs - Ramrod Bright Steel Spurs
Ramrod Bright Steel Spurs with Jingle Bobs. The Perfect Cowboy Spurs - Click to Enlarge Image

Spurs - Ramrod Bright Steel Spurs

RJT#1807 -


This is a gorgeous pair of old style spurs. These spurs are in the bright finish steel. These spurs come with heal chains. They will show rust and age out as you wear them. They have jingle bobs! Old Time Custom made Spurs. The steel allows for malleability and makes them easy to shape. Spurs are bright polished steel and have beveled bands and drop shanks with a ball chap guard. Custom made spurs at a reasonable price. A classic style with a 2 1/2" rowels. These spurs are made to our specifications. These spurs will rust, as for me I prefer that because it gives the look of an Old Time Spur. Cowboy Spurs cannot always be adjusted by hand. Many times you must use tools. Hammers or rubber mallets can be used to narrow the inside heel width. Farrier tools like shoe spreaders or hoof nippers work well to widen the inside heel with. Always adjust the spurs a slight amount at a time, using as little force as possible. These spurs generally fit men's boot size 6 to 13. Cowboy spurs should fit snug, but not too tight on your boots. You can adjust the inside heel width of the spurs. Western spur straps are also very adjustable and you can usually punch a extra hole or two in the strap to make them fit a smaller foot. Old Style Steel Spur. With beveled and scalloped heel band. Available in polished Steel. Rowell size 2 1/2" in diameter. Sold as spurs only--the straps will not be included.

Made to your order, allow 4 to 6 weeks


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