z Sold ~ Conversion of a 1858 Navy Arms Remington.
z Sold ~ Conversion of a 1858 Navy Arms Remington.
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z Sold ~ Conversion of a 1858 Navy Arms Remington.

RJT#1844 -


This easy-to-switch, 1858 Remington conversion allows you to switch back to the original cap & ball cylinder in just a few moments. A loading port has been cut in the frame and converts this '58 Remington for the Kirst cartridge conversion with loading gate. The ejector assembly has been added to complete this conversion, just as Remington did in the old days. The .36 caliber percussion revolver barrel has a bore diameter of .375 inches. Today_s .38 caliber bullets are .357-inch diameter bullets. To attain best accuracy with a .38 caliber cartridge, you must shoot a soft lead hollow base bullet. You may choose to shoot a .38 special full wadcutter which is a hollow base. This ammo is available at most good gun shops. The soft lead hollow base bullet will _bump up” to the .375-inch bore diameter and shoot very accurately. Also included with this gun is a cylinder chambered for .41 Long Colt cartridge. This cartridge is a perfect match to the bore.
When ship assembled as you see it here this gun will have to go to a FFL Dealer.

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