18th century tin candle lantern
18th century tin candle lantern
18th century tin candle lantern

18th century tin candle lantern

RJT#6618 -


This tin lantern dates from the mid 18th or early 19th century. I believe this lantern was a sign to identify the business it was hung at.
This tin plated cylindrical candle lantern was painted medium brown at one time. It has the word (Arkeh ? or Arhel  ? ,  oh! you figure it out) and the Initials (A.B.W. c.) painted on one side, opposite the door on the other side.  It has a hinged door and a conical top with a scalloped cap and hanging ring is attached to it. The top is surrounded by eight chimneys. The windows were once made of sheet mica, but have since been replaced with glass, forming four pair of panel. It served many many years as witnessed by its wondrous patina. Now it is time to retire it to an honor place on the mantel.  Dimensions 18 1/2" tall X 8" diameter.  Windows 5 3/4" tall X 1 1/2" wide, of which there are 8. Two copper patches help to secure the cone top to the bottom. (see Photos). It is solid to handle. I am including a bees wax candle and a battery operated candle. 

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