z-Sold Jewelry - Hand-carved Bone ~ Federal Eagle Pendant or Watch Fob
z-Sold Jewelry - Hand-carved Bone ~ Federal Eagle Pendant or Watch Fob
Click to Enlarge Image - Worn as a pendant or a watch fob.

z-Sold Jewelry - Hand-carved Bone ~ Federal Eagle Pendant or Watch Fob

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Our lovely bone jewelry is reproduced from classic Victorian designs. Museum collections often include some of these pieces, including those carved by Civil War prisoners. Bone carvings were traded to guards in exchange for extra food or privileges. It was considered patriotic for Union supporters to wear symbols of the federal government. Worn by the ladies to support the federal government during and after the American Civil War were symbols like our hand-carved bone eagle pendant. Lovely as a pendant or suspended from a chantelaine, the fellows have been buying these to wear as watch fobs.

Bone jewelry may be dyed black with Rit dye to create mourning jewelry. To the Victorians mourning was a very serious ritual, lasting two years. Mourning jewelry was introduced in 1850 in the popular magazine Godey's Lady's Book. If the lady could afford them she would purchase her mourning clothing, undergarments and jewelry.  But if not, she would dye her items black and then would have to bleach everything white again after her two years were up. Mourning jewelry was allowed, particularly in  America, and worn often during the Civil War due to the deaths of so many soldiers. Often the soldier would leave behind a lock of his hair in case he did not return from battle.

Hand-carved bone - no two are exactly alike - but our carvers have been very careful to  follow our authentic patterns. Measures 2 inches tall and 1 3/8 inches wide. Ribbon not  included.  River Junction bought everything our bone carvers had made, so buy an extra one when you can. When these are gone there is a chance we may not have another opportunity to have any more hand-carved for us.

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