z Sold ~ R&D Kenny Howell-made 1851 Navy Complete Conversion

z Sold ~ R&D Kenny Howell-made 1851 Navy Complete Conversion

RJT#2237 -


This is an early example of Kenny Howell's conversion work. An Armi San Marco 1851 Navy Revolver Converted to .38 special or if you prefer .38 Long Colt. It will chamber and fire either one. To make one of these for you, Kenny gets $1,250.00 and you would have a long wait.

All Italian marks and maker's name have been expertly removed. Kenny has marked this gun with his mark (R&D Beloit Wi USA) on the top of the barrel. On the trigger guard is the caliber mark (.38cal).  A unique feature of this gun is a small amount of engraving on the frame and on the barrel.

Under the barrel it is marked (Black Powder only). The loading gate, barrel, and frame are stamped with the serial number # 052. The barrel has been sleeve to accept a .357 bullet diameter. The action is positive, smooth and tight. The blue is deep and rich. The frame and conversion ring are bone case colored.   I believe this gun has been fire. The bore is bright.
We will need to ship this to an FFL dealer.

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