z Sold ~ BIG SALE ~ F. Dick Butcher Knife
z Sold ~ BIG SALE ~ F. Dick Butcher Knife
F. DICK butcher knife - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold ~ BIG SALE ~ F. Dick Butcher Knife

RJT#2249 -


 This superbly-preserved antique butcher's or splitting knife may look SCARY, and up close and personal it WILL take your breath away.  But by handling it, your fears quickly give way to envy for the skills of the men who produced it over a century ago. Known alternately as a buffalo knife, a fishmonger's knife and a lamb-splitter.

It is  MASSIVE. Whatever you use it for...WHAM!...end of story. It's uniquely versital and remarkable for its condition. Most pieces like this have cracked handles, and numerous hammer marks on the top of the blade's spine. This has none of those problems, and though used, its condition is  excellent, its edge is so finely honed it could shave a man's face. Its carbon steel blade was hand-forged with a full tang, and the ironwood  handle attached with steel and brass rivets over a full and tapered tang.   Marked, "No. 66 10" F. DICK, made in NGERMANY" with their arrow logo.

It has great collector value, though it would be a shame not to use it. Carbon steel blades of this vintage can hold a razor's edge like no other. It would be perfect for hunting or collecting. Comes with a whopping 10" blade (15 1/2" overall length) that is 2 1/8" wide at its widest. 

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