z Sold ~ Great patina Powder Horn
z Sold ~ Great patina Powder Horn
Great Patina Powder Horn - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold ~ Great patina Powder Horn

RJT#2353 -


Old Antique Powder Horn. This has a wonderfully shaped plug on one end with a screw in the center, the screw is an old style and helps age this item to the early 1800's. The opposite end is nicely carved and is damage free and is missing the plug. Around the large end are tiny tack nails keeping the plug in place, the nail heads are different shapes and are original to the horn. This is a great authentic primitive. The horn Measures 9in. long and 2 1/4in. diameter at the large end. This has a beautiful Patina. You will notice a unique feature that looks like a hole, but it was carved there intentionally to use as a handle when ramming a ball down the muzzle.The hole sat over the end of the ramrod to add a surface to push the rod down the bore.

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