z Sold ~ Mafia Shotgun Shell Extractor Knife
z Sold ~ Mafia Shotgun Shell Extractor Knife
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z Sold ~ Mafia Shotgun Shell Extractor Knife

RJT#2459 -


Shotgun shell extractor knife.  Tang stamped "DIAMANT".  Genuine black horn handles with NO chips or cracks.  Each finger guard is marked C.16. & C.12. for 16 ga. & 12 ga. shotgun shells.  Nineteenth century era knife.  One side fits a 16 gauge and the other a 12 gauge shotgun shell.  Measures 5 1/4" long closed and 9" overall when open. 

Blade is a dirk or dagger pointed.  This type of blade is very rare on such extractor knives.  Really unique and different.  Mark Fulcher, fighting knife expert says, "This knife is made as a thrusting weapon."  Well made with nickel liners and mountings.  
This knife was made back when you had to extract your shotgun shells by hand!

 The knife is in excellent condition for its age, the blade snaps open and shut very hard! The extractors are both in excellent condition.  Also has a bail ring attachment in good shape.  A good quality collectible knife.  I imagine this as the type of knife a "black hand soldier" (early Mafia of Italy and America) shotgun carrying guard would have.

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