z Sold ~ Antique Bar Tender's Billy Club
z Sold ~ Antique Bar Tender's Billy Club
Antique Bar Tender's Billy Club - Click to Enlarge

z Sold ~ Antique Bar Tender's Billy Club

RJT#2470 -


These short little clubs were in most old-time Saloons.  This original antique one was found in a small Minnesota town that once was the sight of a short-lived gold rush.

The leather thong was wrapped around the bar keeper's wrist so the club could not be jerked away from him.  This one is in the classic shape with a knob handle.  I believe this club was commercially produced, as it is very nicely turned.  It has evidences of having had a label and was likely given to a saloon keeper by a traveling liquor salesman.  If you look at the end you can see the lead core.  I am not sure about the dark dried stains. Blood? 

Overall length 10 inches.

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