z Sold ~ 2 Pocket knives for the price of one.
z Sold ~ 2 Pocket knives for the price of one.
2 Pocket Knives - Click to Enlarge

z Sold ~ 2 Pocket knives for the price of one.

RJT#2635 -


#1  An Old Collectible FEDERAL KNIFE COMPANY Pocket Knife / SYRACUSE N.Y. This is a nice little pocket knife with beautiful Brown & Black  striped celluloid handles (rare & hard to find Brand & Handles). Both handle have a corner chip. Both blades have been used and sharpened, Brass Liners, Nickel Silver Boosters and Crest Shield. Both blades are  stamped FEDERAL KNIFE COMPANY SYRACUSE N.Y.. Small blade has excellent snap / main blade has not as much snap. This Pocket Knife measures 3 & 5/16 inches long closed. This is a great little Collectible pocket knife with looks to go with it.

#2 Old black checked English Jack knife marked  HM Slater Ld Sheffield, 3.5" closed plus bail and 6.25" open master, 5 7/8" secondary. Both blades have swages cut on either side of blade, stamp on left side of blade, both have been sharpened very little with minimal scratches and both with half stops and thunder snaps, both blades have no wiggle. Nail marks are on opposite sides on either side of knife. Hafts are checked black composite, with some shrinkage but no cracks. I have found little info on this maker, looks like a military knife to me. 

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