z Sold Double faced woman doll.
z Sold Double faced woman doll.
Double Faced Woman Doll - Click to Enlarge

z Sold Double faced woman doll.

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"The double faced woman" OR "A-NOG-I-TE" Anog Ite, also known as Ite, Face or Double Face Woman, is the wife of Tate (Wind) and daughter of Skan (Sky). Her name reflects her two faces; one beautiful, the other ugly, a punishment for her attempt to seduce Wi (Sun). In other Lakota tales she is the bringer of "quilling", the craft of sorting and dyeing porcupine quills. Here she wears the clothing of the Ghost dance. Full brain tanned dress is hand painted with earth paints with some flaking. Body has trade cloth leggings. Upper body is canvass. , Painted on both sides, Seed bead face with horse hair, hair. Has beaded moccasins.Doll necklaces has blue white hart beads and ear pieces are pearl shell buttons. Approx. 12" tall X 7" Wide hand to hand. Guaranteed Indian made.

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