z Sold ~ Smith & Wesson Antique revolver
z Sold ~ Smith & Wesson Antique revolver
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z Sold ~ Smith & Wesson Antique revolver

RJT#2654 -


Model 2, a full size pistol which utilized a Rimfire .32 caliber bullet. Holding six rimfire copper cartridges, it had about the same power as the popular .36 cal. Colt Navy. Introduced just a few months before Fort Sumter, it was an immediate hit as soldiers of all ranks and anxious civilians stood in line to buy them. In fact it sold so well that S&W was forced to stop taking new orders in 1862 because they could not fill them. Because of its military associations the Model 2 quickly picked up the nickname "Army" or "Old Army," even though it was never officially adopted by the military. While the Federals never bought any at least one state government, Kentucky, procured 2600 for its cavalry and mounted infantry units. High-ranking officers like Ambrose Burnside and George Custer desired them, but company officers and common soldiers appreciated them also. This one is in shows much surface pitting, but, is in very sound mecanical condition. The grips are sound with no cracks it does have a small dent on the bottom of the right grip. This revolver shows only the numbers 56 on the butt. The rest of the serial number is covered by a lanyard ring that was install when the gun was new. The action works perfectly and locks up every time. The barrel hinge is solid and the latch locks up securely. The bore has very strong rifling with some black powder pitting. Markings are weak. The barrel is marked (Smith&Wesson Springfield Mass.) The cylinder is marked (Patended April 3, 1855. July 5,1859. and Dec 18,1860.)
CAN BE SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOU. ANTIQUE  Sold as an Antique ~ no guarantees, warranties, or liabilities for any actual usage. If any firearms are to be used for shooting purposes, a qualified gunsmith should inspect them first.
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