z Sold ~ Buffalo Bill Statue, Souvenir of his Wild West Show.
z Sold ~ Buffalo Bill Statue, Souvenir of his Wild West Show.
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z Sold ~ Buffalo Bill Statue, Souvenir of his Wild West Show.

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This Buffalo Bill Clock topper was made by Nicholas Muller and his sons. They were in business from 1850 to 1900.

This is one that is marked with the Muller name under the base. It was made between 1870 and 1900, and was sold as souvenirs at BUFFALO BILL'S WILD WEST shows of the late 1800s. Buffalo Bill Cody would tour the country and these souvenirs, were sold at his shows.
I can assure you that the Buffalo Bill Statue is original. I have been collecting old west items for over 40 years.
There were likely thousands of the Buffalo Bill statues sold over the time of his career as a showman. I have identified at least 7 different variations.
Like any antique condition is the important factor.  Most seem to have missing pieces, cracks or have been repainted this is one of those in that it has been repainted and has a minor crack, but is still complete and stable.
What makes this one unique is the features found on this one that I have not observed on others. On this one Bill has a dagger on his left hip and a revolver on his right hip.
It is the only one like this I have observed and I believe it is very rare.

  This measures over 10 1/4 inches tall and over 10 1/4 inches long, making the biggest I have observed.  It weighs 3.75 pounds.

Look closely at the detail. Another feature that makes this one differant is the base, most have flowers and ferns. This one has a rocky textured surface.  Bill wears the long hair and mustaches of that period. He wears a bow tie, a Vaquero jacket and leggings an out fit he was know to wear in the Wild West Show, and a big hat with a feathered plume. Slung across his back is a rifle. He has one outstretched hand in the air and it holds a metal rope.

 This is guaranteed old, genuine and original.

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