z Sold ~ Card Cheater's PINCH NOSE Glasses
z Sold ~ Card Cheater's  PINCH NOSE Glasses
Card Cheater's PINCH NOSE Glasses - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold ~ Card Cheater's PINCH NOSE Glasses

RJT#2774 -


Gambler's Cheater Glasses. These glasses are most fancy tortoise  shell rimmed pince nez (nose pinch) cheating spectacles. 
Blue-tinted spectacles (as they were called back in the day) afforded the wearer a huge advantage over all other card players at the table because with the use of phosphorescent ink he could mark a deck of cards and with the use of these special glasses he could view the markings while his opponents could not.

In K. C. Card Co. Blue Book Number 436, page 22 there is a listing for Luminous Readers. The book states "Luminous Readers originated and introduced by us have been successfully used in all parts of the country. These cards do not bear any visible mark, but when viewed with our Luminous Visor or our Luminous Glasses the work appears as plain as the figure 8 on the back of the card pictured". Also listed on that page are; Luminous Glasses or Visor, Luminous Material, Luminous Ink and Luminous Daub.  

"Never gamble with a man who knows both sides of the cards."


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