z Sold ~ 1860 Army converter to .38 Special
z Sold ~ 1860 Army converter to .38 Special
1860 Army converter to .38 Special - Click to Enlarge

z Sold ~ 1860 Army converter to .38 Special

RJT#2784 -


A  1860 Colt Army complete and permanent conversion
This revolver has the barrel shortened and the walnut grips shaped to a bird's head. It has the firing pin mounted in the hammer and passes through the conversion ring to strike the primer. This system has no loading gate and does not need one as the cartridges only briefly pass the open port in the frame and will not fall out. This configuration is often called a "avenging angel". Such revolvers were intended for one purpose, and one purpose only: Up close and personal usage. The short 3 inch barrel is sleeved to .38 special caliber. The gun is fitted with a 12  stop cylinder which provides the best of safe carry systems and allows loading all six rounds. The shortening of the barrel has removed the loading lever and filled the loading lever hole.
 A birds head grip works better for concealment as it does not show the hard lines of the standard grip though your coat. This gun is mechanically perfect and function as it should.

We will need to ship this to an FFL dealer.

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