z Sold ~ Model 1861 Navy Revolver .36 caliber
z Sold ~ Model 1861 Navy Revolver .36 caliber
Model 1861 Navy revolver .36 caliber - Click to Enlarge

z Sold ~ Model 1861 Navy Revolver .36 caliber

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One piece European walnut grips with satin finish. Steel frame, color casehardened. This is a .36 caliber, blued, 8" tapered round barrel with .710" at breech to .600" at muzzle. Button rifled .006" deep. 1 in 30" twist. Has 7 lands -.360 and 7 grooves - .372. Front sight - brass blade and rear sight v-notch in hammer nose. Uses #10 percussion caps. Six shot - .367 chamber diameter. Features a blued backstrap and triggerguard. Color casehardened loading lever, trigger and hammer. Cylinder engraved w/naval scene. 13 3/4" overall and is 2 3/4 pounds. This is cut for a shoulder stock. Recommended load is 18 grains of 3F black powder with a .376 round ball and .36 revolver wad. New in the box. Manufactured by Pietta/Italy.

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