z Sold ~ Holster Left-handed Holster - by Fowler Maker
z Sold ~ Holster Left-handed Holster - by Fowler Maker
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z Sold ~ Holster Left-handed Holster - by Fowler Maker

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From May 15 - May  25, 2014 this holster
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Left hand holster made by Doug Fowler. I believe Doug copied this holster from the book "Old West Antiques & Collectables."  This book was first copyrighted in 1979, Just 6 years after I went in to business. You will find the holster on page 27. The caption reads
"A very well constructed. heavy duty. single wide loop Mexican style holster made by Theodore Steubing of San Antonio. The basket weave design hints of a more modern construction. nevertheless, a very nice holster. Ox blood in color. the pattens are well executed." Phil Spangenburger is the owner of this holster and I have included a picture of his holster and note from Phil to me.

In Doug's example it was nicely stamped to fit a 4 3/4" or 5 1/2" Single Action. This holster is as new and shows The Fowler mark.  

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