z Sold ~ Antique Iron Knuckles or knuckle dusters
z Sold ~ Antique Iron Knuckles or knuckle dusters
Antique Iron Knuckles or knuckle dusters - Click to Enlarge

z Sold ~ Antique Iron Knuckles or knuckle dusters

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For more than a century and a half, knuckle dusters and brass knuckles have rested in the pockets of those who need a small, handy impact weapon that is easily concealed and inexpensive to produce.

"History of Knuckle Dusters"
By Dave Grant
 Shows the actual knuckles through their history, including wartime knuckles, modern customs and mass-produced examples. An amazing array of designs and materials has gone into knuckle dusters, and their popularity is even greater today among collectors and those who use them for protection. Often demonized and vilified by the press and law enforcement, the knuckle duster has a colorful and interesting history and deserves to take its rightful place among the great close-quarter combat weapons of the world. Cast iron knuckles (otherwise known as “knuckle dusters”) were popular in the 19th and early 20th century during hand to hand combat. According to Dave Grant, who wrote the book on the History of Knuckle Dusters, the knuckles that we found are cast out of steel.

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