z Sold ~ Antique Scalping knife.
z Sold ~ Antique Scalping knife.
Antique Scalping knife - Click to Enlage

z Sold ~ Antique Scalping knife.

RJT#2965 -


Knives like this one were traded to the Indian's and were commonly used as weapons of war. This one has all the age and character of such a trade knife. It has obviously been blooded many times as indicated by the profuse blood rust on the blade.
The pewter bolster has been poured to lock into the scales. The oak scales are attached to the tang with heavy solid copper rivets. The copper rivets are an indicator of 19th century construction. There is a deep wear line just above the center rivet as if it were carried in a deep sheath. It is all topped off with a worn but graceful butt.  Overall length 15 inches with a 9 1/2 inch blade. 

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