z Sold ~ Antique Gamblers Knife
z Sold ~ Antique Gamblers Knife
Antique Gamblers Knife - Click to Enlarge

z Sold ~ Antique Gamblers Knife

RJT#2976 -


This antique original gamblers knife is well suited for close in fighting. The typical Old West gambling den might look like a conclave of heavily armed desperadoes when the place was busy. Most men went armed is such places, regardless ordinances against carrying weapons. Many men carried, a knife and a gun. Even if a man checked his gun at the door, he hung onto his knife. Here is a knife small enough to hide and long enough to reach a vital organ. A 5 1/2 inch blade and 9 1/2 inches overall. The handle is made up from stacked cow horn discs with brass spacers in between. An 1870s era, hand made knife with delicate features, but sturdy enough to do the job. Perfect for Gamblers collection or usable enough to give daily service.

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