z Sold ~ Conpd 44 Colt bullet mold and handles.
z Sold ~ Conpd 44 Colt bullet mold and handles.
44 Colt bullet mold and handles - Click to Enlarge

z Sold ~ Conpd 44 Colt bullet mold and handles.

RJT#3064 -


This mould should make a great choice for the Kirst Konverter in .44 Colt or the antique 44 Colt firearms and the 11mm French Revolver 1873. Bullet overall length is .630" the length of the heel is .190". Heel diameter is .430" with about a .002" taper to allow easier seating. The major diameter is .451". Remember this is an outside lubed bullet so there are no grease grooves.

Saeco Lead Cast Bullet Mould Handles are ductile iron castings with solid hardwood grips. They are included with the  Bullet Mould.

It is a funny looking cartridge. Stubby. The 215 grain, heel-based, round nose bullet sits mostly inside the fat case, which contains 21 grains of coarse black powder. It’s known today as the .44 Colt Original and its history is as colorful as that of the Old West itself. The only guns ever designed to fire it, the Richards and Richards-Mason conversions of the 1860 Colt Army, went out of production about 130 years ago after only 11,100 were manufactured. So is vertically impossible to find cartridges, but with this you could make your own.

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