z Sold ~ Antique Original Confederate holster ??
z Sold ~ Antique Original Confederate holster ??
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z Sold ~ Antique Original Confederate holster ??

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This holster is marked H. C. Williams on the back. H. C. Williams  was a well-off landowner living in the vicinity of Fairfax Courthouse, Va., during the first Battle of Bull Run. 

H. C. Williams's son, Frank Williams  though not enlisted in the army, was regularly employed as a scout between July and December 1861 by Confederate Brigadier General Milledge Bonham.           
H. C. Williams and his son, Frank Williams carried passes allowing them to move among the lines of the Confederate army encamped at Fairfax Courthouse, Va.

Now that brings us to the holster. Can I prove it belonged to This H. C. Williams? No!
But the holster does in fact have the name H. C. Williams hand printed on the back and that is just how I found it. It is of the vintage of an 1860 holster.  It is very well made, hand sewn and early style flap holster that a well off land owner might have had made for his personal use during the War of Northern Aggression. It holds a 1851 Navy or 1860 Army equally well.

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