z Sold~ Conpd Pair 51/61 Navy Holsters.
z Sold~ Conpd Pair 51/61 Navy Holsters.
Pair 51/61 Navy Holsters - Click to Enlarge

z Sold~ Conpd Pair 51/61 Navy Holsters.

RJT#3154 -


Right and Left pair of holsters made by Doug Fowler. I believe Doug copied these holsters from the book "Packing Iron" - page 87.  The caption reads in part : "California" Pattern holster for a Colt Navy and Army revolvers." These holsters will fit percussion or conversions of these Colts. The loops on the back is of a style that will cause the holsters to lay close to the body and will not flop around.  Doug's holsters are new unused, but with an antique flavor and are embellished with period style stamping and will give a century of use. May require a wet fit for your particular guns. Sold only as a pair. These are one of a kind and will not be duplicated.

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