z Sold Beads - 1838 One Cent Trade
z Sold Beads - 1838 One Cent Trade
Strand of Antique African Trade Beads-Venetian strung on Waxed Linen - Click to Enlarge

z Sold Beads - 1838 One Cent Trade

RJT#3240 -


This Antique African Trade Bead-Venetian necklace is adorned with:
 8 hard to find Yellow Padre Beads, 
2 Red Padre Beads,
8 Blue Padre Beads,
6 Green Vaseline Beads,
16 Sand Cast Beads,
12 White Stripe,
2 Black Stripe,
2 large white,
2 large black,
2 clear Red,
and 2 Painted.
A Coronet Liberty Head One Cent coin (Ca. 1838) is the focal point on this necklace. Coin is well worn and has a hole drilled through it for stringing.
Necklace measures 28 inches, and is strung on Waxed Linen.

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