z Sold ~ Marked Capt. H. Walker Walker replica
z Sold ~ Marked Capt. H. Walker   Walker replica
Reproduction Colt Walker - Click to Enlarge

z Sold ~ Marked Capt. H. Walker Walker replica

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CAPT.  SAMUEL H. WALKER commemorative.  This Armi San Marco appears Unfired. There are some minor rust specks that require magnification to see. Aesthetically this revolver is 99% and mechanically it is 100%. The Whitneyville Walker 1847 features are; 9 inch round blued barrel, six shot cylinder with oval bolt cuts, color case hardened frame, loading lever, plunger & hammer a square brass trigger guard, blued steel backstrap, with walnut grips and roll engraved 6 shot cylinder. This commemorative revolver is marked in gold on the top of the barrel and reads CAPT. SAMUEL H. WALKER COMMEMORATIVE.  Only 500 were manufactured in 1998.  Serial number 20079. This big, powerful .44 caliber black powder revolver was developed with the help of Captain Samuel Walker of the United States Mounted Rifles. It weights a mighty 4 pounds, 8 ounces, has an overall length of 15-3/4 inches, handsomely engraved cylinder. The Mexican War was the reason which led again to arms manufactured by Colt. Urged by a Government request for one thousand pieces and following Captain Samuel Walker's advice, Colt patented this weapon. The biggest handgun ever made. The gun was then bound to arm some of the Texas Rangers who engaged in the Mexican War. Lt. Col. George A. Caldwell later said, "Two years' experience in Mexico enables me to speak with confidence of the value of Colt's revolvers. Those who had them there could not be induced to part with them at any price.

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