z Sold Ladies Fur Muff Hand Warmer
z Sold Ladies Fur Muff Hand Warmer
Fur Muff Hand Warmer - Click to Enlarge

z Sold Ladies Fur Muff Hand Warmer

RJT#3511 -


Vintage Fur Muff in great usable shape. From the Eighteenth and nineteenth Century and on there were huge numbers of small, concealable pistols manufactured in England and on the Continent. The smaller ones were described as "Muff Pistols" because they were often concealed in a lady's muff.This is the type of gun that great grandma would carry in her muff to discourage mashers and muggers in the 1880s. You can easily find the pistols but finding a nice muff is much harder to do. This Muff is just the thing for Madam's Hide out gun. The satin lining and trim are in very nice condition and the carry cord is very serviceable.

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