z Sold ~ Original Stagecoach Lamp.
z Sold ~ Original Stagecoach Lamp.
Original Stagecoach Lamp - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold ~ Original Stagecoach Lamp.

RJT#3571 -


"Yah, I know! were runnin late, just grab yer war bag and climb aboard. Old Zeb will light the coach lantern and we'll be on our way. That thar lantern throws plenty good light. Sides wool'l be in Deadwood in an hour."

The search party found them in a gully just south of town. The only thing worth saving was this old lantern. It still works. Has a red lens in the back and the front lens and beveled side glass are clear and fine. The old burner inside works just as it should. A coat of paint and a little oil and it would be ready for the run to Spearfish.

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