Z Sold Defarbed Confederate S. C. Robinson Carbine
Z Sold Defarbed Confederate S. C. Robinson Carbine
Defarbed Confederate S. C. Robinson Carbine - Click to Enlarge Image

Z Sold Defarbed Confederate S. C. Robinson Carbine

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 Defarbed Perdersoli Confederate Sharps Carbine:
Samuel C Robinson was the owner-operator of the Belvidere Planing Mills In Richmond Virginia.  In early 1862 Robinson received a State of Virginia contract for breech loading carbines. The Robinson Carbine is similar to the Sharps New Model 1859, but lacks the patch-box, Sharps-Lawrence priming mechanism and the adjustable leaf rear sight.  This rare Confederate arm was issued to Jeb Stuart's Army of Northern Virginia Cavalry.

 Forearm & Buttstock, American Walnut, 13 7/8" trigger pull, .52 cal.(Replaced barrel),  arsenal bright,  22", Tapered round - 1.250 at breech to .820 at muzzle,  Cut rifling .010" deep, 1-48" twist, 7 lands and 7 grooves, Front sight - arsenal bright, steel base w/integral blade, Rear sight - white steel open style w/ 3/8" dovetail
Ignition: Percussion - Musket size caps
Features:  Brass butt-plate and barrel band, Swivel on butt, Color arsenal bright receiver, lock, lever, trigger-plate and saddle bar w/ring,  Lock-plate marked "S.C. Robinson Arms Manufactory Richmond, VA 1862, Barrel marked the same in two lines in front of and behind rear sight, Single Trigger, 39" overall, 8 lbs.

 Dixie Gun Works sell this reproduction new for $1395.00 with that you get all the Italian marks. This one has been completely defarbed by removing all the Italian remarks and adding the historical markings and re-barrel in .52 Caliber as the original and you can still buy it for $100.00 less than the Dixie price.

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