z Sold F series 2nd Gen Colt 51 Navy Serial - 24220
z Sold   F  series 2nd Gen Colt 51 Navy Serial - 24220
F series 2nd Gen Colt 51 Navy - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold F series 2nd Gen Colt 51 Navy Serial - 24220

RJT#3693 -


The "F" series 1851 Navy Colt was produced between 1978 to 1982. This one appears to have never been fired. It is .36 cal., 7 1/2" octagon barrel. It has been aged to look like a well preserved 1st Generation 1851 Navy. The frame, loading lever, plunger, and hammer are grayish smooth metal. The backstrap and squareback trigger guard, are aged mustard yellow brass. The one-piece grips are smooth darkened Walnut, and barrel and cylinder show very light traces of blue. It has all the correct markings of the 1st Generation 1851 Colt Navy. I have been told that this was aged at the Colt factory, but I am unable to find any documentation of such a practice.

The serial number of this gun is 24220 manufactured in 1978. I know that most of you that collect the Colt 2nd generation percussion revolver very seldom take them out and shoot or handle them, this would be the ideal one to put into use and still look good in your collection and as these become harder and harder to find it will also increase in value.  This 2nd Generation model is worthy of the best Colt collection.

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