z Sold Hy Hunter "Buccaneer" Flint Lock Pistol Old replica
z Sold Hy Hunter "Buccaneer"  Flint Lock Pistol  Old replica
Hy Hunter "Buccaneer" Flint Lock Pistol Old replica - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Hy Hunter "Buccaneer" Flint Lock Pistol Old replica

RJT#3694 -


 This pistol was imported in the 1960's from Germany by Hy Hunter of Hollywood California and is the Buccaneer Model.    There is some surface patina on the barrel.  The wood finish has some light storage marks. The lock is working.  The pistol is about 17" overall and weighs a hefty 4 lbs 6 oz.  The caliber is roughly .75. The touch hole is not drilled through so it has not been fired.

This is a large and very unique flintlock pistol. It is in excellent condition. The barrel length is 10.25 inches. It is a smoothbore of, I believe, 10 gauge. Ten gauge wads seem to fit good. A .735 round ball rolls down the barrel without a patch and could be shot using a thin patch. A slightly smaller ball would work better with a thicker patch. The lock size is about 6.1 x 1.3 inches. The bore is in unused condition and is flared at the muzzle for .75 inches.  The round barrel is 1.25 inches in diameter at the breech and tapers to 1.045 at the muzzle. The included flint sparks good. 

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