Z Sold Model 1860 Officer's Sword
Z Sold Model 1860 Officer's Sword
Model 1860 Staff and Field Officer's Sword - Click to Enlarge Image

Z Sold Model 1860 Officer's Sword

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The U.S. Model 1860 Officer Sword By MC Lilley.  It was designed to replace the heavier and much sturdier Model 1850 Staff & Field Officer Sword. The shark skin  handle is cracked but stable. The wire wrap is missing. The sheath does have a lot of patina, but is solid and would clean better. The etchings on the blade are very detailed. There are some small patina marks on the blade as shown. It has acid etched surfaces depicting a stand of arms, cannons, flags, an American eagle, and the letters "U.S." The hilt has an ornately decorated "clamshell" folding guard embossed with an American Eagle and Stand of Arms. This is a Model 1860 sword. The inscription "The M C Lilley & Co" dates this to about 1882 to 1925. All officers carried them. nice sword. 

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