z Sold SAA Natural Bone grips - Set 2
z Sold SAA Natural Bone grips - Set 2
SAA Natural Bone grips - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold SAA Natural Bone grips - Set 2

RJT#4011 -


Well, if you are like me you have always wanted and Old Single Action Colt with a nice set of ivory grips but as the price of Ivory when up you knew it would never happen. Well now here is a chance to have a beautiful set of highly polished natural bone grips that look and feel just like Old Ivory, with all the grain and character of mother natures material. These grips are made of very dense hard natural bone and will age just like Ivory over time. This pair of grips will fit on a 1st or 2nd generation Colt SAA or most all of the Colt clones. On the inside of the grip is a locator pin hole, it will not match up with your Colt pin. You will have to drill a hole to match up with your gun for the best fit. After that almost no additional fitting is required. You will get the grips you see in these pictures. They have a much better Ivory color than in the photos. We hope to have more in the future.

IMPORTANT NOTE- If you alter these in anyway they can not be returned or exchanged.

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