Z Sold Slave Masters brutal cane.
Z Sold Slave Masters brutal cane.
Slave Masters brutal cane - Click to Enlarge Image

Z Sold Slave Masters brutal cane.

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Caning for many centuries has been a form of corporal punishment. This cane was not used in punishment for a crime. In our American south it was used by slave masters and field overseers to forcefully drive slaves to work harder. This cane is a very rare example of the cruelty of slavery. Such items are much sought after by museums, Civil War collectors particularly  those that collect Confederate memorabilia.  This very sturdy hickory cane has 36 iron pins place at even intervals along the shaft. These pins are not pointed, but flat intended to cause a painful bruse, but not break the skin. It is very solid with no breaks or cracking. It may have had a metal tip which is now missing. Much of the dark  staining on the shaft is probably dried blood.   The picture of the beating is shown for illustration purposes and is not included.

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