z Sold 1860 era Provost Marshal's Billy Club.
z Sold 1860 era Provost Marshal's Billy Club.
1860 era Provost Marshal's Billy Club. - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold 1860 era Provost Marshal's Billy Club.

RJT#4038 -


1860 era Civil War Provost Marshal's Billy Club. Natural hardwood color billy club, handle turned to form grip area. Dimensions: 14 1/2 inches overall length. This is bigger than the bar tender's clubs we have found before. It was found in a collection of Civil War items that suggested it to be a Provost Marshal's club. Among the duties of a Provost Marshal, were the suppression of marauding and the depredations on private property, the preservation of good order, the prevention of straggling, the suppression of gambling houses or other establishments prejudicial to good order and discipline, and the supervision of hotels, saloons, and places of resort and amusement generally. To this officer was also entrusted the duty of making searches, seizures, and arrests, the custody of deserters from the opposing forces and of prisoners of war, the issuance of passes to citizens, and the bearing of complaints of citizens.

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