z Sold .22 Rim fire C. Sharps derringer
z Sold .22 Rim fire C. Sharps derringer
.22 Rim fire C. Sharps derringer - Click to Enlarge

z Sold .22 Rim fire C. Sharps derringer

RJT#4305 -


Sharps 4-Barrel Derringer These guns were made from about 1860 to 1872 in Philadelphia and this specimen is in remarkable condition for being made around 1868. Chambered for the .22 short. The .22s are the most desirable because ammunition is readily available. It has a fixed 4 barrel unit with a rotating firing pin which rotates to the next barrel each time the hammer is pulled. The accuracy was somewhat amazing. It would be no problem hitting a man sized target at 25-35 yards. The recipient of a chunk of lead was afraid of getting an infection with a slow death. Both hard rubber "Gutta Percha" grips are near perfect. Serial number is 50219. The right side of the frame is marked in a circular pattern "C.SHARPS & CO. PHILADA. PA." while the left side is marked "C SHARPS PATENT 1859".  Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine with no original finish remaining on the barrel, but the metal is perfectly smooth.. Brass frame show smooth mustard color. The bores show strong shinny rifling. Action is mechanically perfect. I have shown it here with my Uberti reproduction. Our government has not allowed the reproduction to be imported since 1968 and makes it rarer than the original. (It is not forsale) The original is an ANTIQUE and can be shipped directly to you. 

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