Z Sold Original Texas Ranger Buscadero rig.
Z Sold Original Texas Ranger Buscadero rig.
Original Texas Ranger Buscadaro rig. - Click to Enlarge Image

Z Sold Original Texas Ranger Buscadero rig.

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In the old west of the late 1800s and early 1900s individuals that packed a big bore revolver usually carried it in a belt holster high on their hip. As I have been told some Texas Rangers who were in pursuit of a outlaws, began to favor wearing their holster lower to make for a quicker draw. They often modified their straight cartridge belts by cutting a slot below the cartridge loops and putting their holsters  through that slot. Another technique was to add a heavier loop to the bottom of the belt, this was more stable than the slot in the belt. That is the modification shown on this belt. Mexicans along the border noticed this and  knew these men to be Rangers and also knew they were seeking or searching for the law breakers, some times referred to as "banditos". The Spanish word searching or seeking is  "buscador" and that is where the term buscadero comes from and these belt and  holster combinations became know as a Buscadero rig. The word Buscadero was also a derogatory term when referring to a Ranger or other lawman.

This rig was made for a Colt single action army and would carry your 4 3/4 or 5 1/2 inch barrel Colt perfectly. The belt measure 46 Inches over all and 40 inches to the center hole. It is 3 inches wide which is unusually wide and has 22 bullet loops. The belt and holster have been to gather since the day they were made as evidenced by the matching stamping on both.  The leather is very flecable and would make a great display piece with you Vintage Colt. The side seam of the holster is laced together with latigo leather lacing and a few stitches of lace at the toe are missing. The holster also has a tear at the fold of the skirt.
(see photo). The dummy .45 cartridges are included my Colt is not.

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