z - Sold Movie prop gun Gamblers Derringer
z - Sold Movie prop gun Gamblers Derringer
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z - Sold Movie prop gun Gamblers Derringer

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This movie prop gun is a very accurate recreation of the famous Remington derringer.  A very rare vintage replica non-firing gun manufactured by MGC (MODEL GUN CORP), Japan, made of zinc alloy metal, in excellent working condition. It is an exact functioning replica. It was produced in the 1950's  and measures approx.  5 1/4" inches over all in length, and has the same weight , feel, and action of the original Remington, but cannot be made to fire real ammunition. The barrel is 2 3/4" in length.  The grips have no cracks or chips and the black finish is not worn or scratched. It is marked made in Japan and has a serial number 11295 on the right side of the barrel. This full size replica is very accurate copy of the legendary frontier derringer and is marked "FRONTIER DERRINGER" on the top of the barrel.  You can cock the hammer and dry fire it and the shell ejector works. Both barrels are plugged so it is impossible to load real ammunition. These sell for about $200.00 in the U.K. and are very hard to find.


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