z-Sold Boot and Shoe store Trade sign
z-Sold Boot and Shoe store Trade sign
Boot and Shoe store Trade sign - Click to Enlarge Image

z-Sold Boot and Shoe store Trade sign

RJT#4365 -


This is is an ANTIQUE Wooden Figural Boot / Shoe Store or Repair Trade Sign...It is a very early style boot and measures overall 37 inches tall. It is solid wood with iron rods for hanging. It has age and wear as can be seen. It was handmade and hand painted, as a large boot. It is in old and weathered condition, with a very blistered lacquer over black painted surface which attests to the many years that in hung over the door of the shop. Signs like these were used to identify businesses in an era when some people could not read. It could have been made in the 1800s or any time after that. The shops that displayed such signs were an essential part of all villages, towns and cities in the 1800's. This sign has been repair over the years. A very rare and unique collectable that will increase in value each year. 

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