z- Sold Camel Corps experiment used this bell.
z- Sold Camel Corps experiment used this bell.
Camel Corps experiment used this bell. - Click to Enlarge Image

z- Sold Camel Corps experiment used this bell.

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This is a very rare, original US Army-issued camel bell. These bells were used during the little-known Camel Corps experiment from 1855 to 1866, when 71 Egyptian camels were purchased to patrol the deserts of the Southwest, and to haul supplies, between Texas and California. The brass bell is in excellent+ condition, has a mellow patina, measures 3 3/4" wide at the base, and is about 3 1/2" tall, including the brass strap loop. The original clapper is intact. There are raised designs of three Federal eagles, stars, sunbursts, etc. around the exterior. It has a clear, long resonating ring, like no bell I have heard before. This bell is identical to one in the Fort Tejon Museum, in Southern California, where camels were posted.   Original camel barns are still standing at Benicia Army Barracks, near San Francisco. This is an Army Transportation Museum website which shows a photo of a camel bell and gives a history of the camel experiment. The use of camels was suggested by Secretary of the Army, Jefferson Davis. The Civil War helped kill the idea. I guarantee that it is original, and as described.

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