Cheyenne Holster with brass spots 7-1/2 inch. RJT#4533
Cheyenne Holster with brass spots  7-1/2 inch. RJT#4533
Cheyenne Holster with antiqued brass spots is hand made in the USA - Click to Enlarge Image

Cheyenne Holster with brass spots 7-1/2 inch. RJT#4533

RJT#4533 -


For Colt S. A. 7-1/2" barrel.
With sewn-in toe plug, with antiqued aged brass spots. It will fit 1873 Colt and Colt clones with 7 1/2" barrels, as well as Remington 1875 of the same era. All Ruger Vaqueros, 1851 Colt Navy, 1861 Colt Navy and 1860 Colt Armies in appropriate barrel lengths.
Holsters of like-quality commonly sell for $100 to $200.  MADE IN THE USA.

Most all of our holster designs are made from originals we have found. These holster are crafted for River Junction by our most talented leather-smith. Each piece is hand-made for us and cut in their shop from the hide.  The piece  is worked and tooled right on the crafter's bench and all are dyed, oiled and sewn by hand. It is the hand sewing that makes for the strongest stitch much superior to the machine stitch. All that at the most favorable price.

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Delivery of item will be in 3 - 6 business days to Continental USA.

  How To Treat Your Leather 
After you receive your holster it's important to "shape" the holster to your gun.  Soak the holster in a bucket of warm water for about 3 seconds then place your well-oiled gun in a plastic bread bag and insert it in holster.  Now using your thumbs work the leather around and over your gun, pressing firmly into all bumps and valleys.  The more you work it the better it will look.  Then remove your gun and bread bag and allow to dry thoroughly about 24 to 48 hours.  DO NOT dry the holster with the gun in it.  A light oiling on the inside and outside may be necessary if the leather is a little on the dry side.  You can use Neat's foot oil (not a leather treatment), mink oil, snow seal or any number of leather oil treatments.
Studded Cheyenne Holster. This lovely double loop Holster has a rolled border, on another wise plain pouch.  

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