z Sold Massachusetts Arms Adams patent .22 S.A. revolver
z Sold Massachusetts Arms Adams patent .22 S.A. revolver
Massachusetts Arms Adams patent .22 S.A. revolver - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Massachusetts Arms Adams patent .22 S.A. revolver

RJT#4571 -


I believe this to be a Massachusetts Arms, Adams patent .22 cal. single action revolver, all though it is not marked as such. In fact the only mark I can find is a "Z" on the bottom of the frame, forward of the trigger guard. Why isn't it marked?? BECAUSE!!, I believe it is a patent infringement on the Rollin White patent. At the time Smith & Wesson was in control of that patent and would have sewed Massachusetts Arms so like other United States manufactures of the time they did not mark their bored through chambered guns. It was the beginning of the Civil War and the market was strong for cartridge arms and many of these early guns were purchased by civilians and soldiers alike. Little guns like this seven-shot .22 caliber revolver, proved to be reliable and easy to load. With the advent of fixed ammunition, another great benefit was that they were practically waterproof. This one is special, a silver wire engraved deluxe version with lots of blue and one piece walnut checkered grips. Overall condition is good, but with some metal dings along the sides of the top strap and on the barrel near the cylinder pin. Mechanically good lock up. The rifling is strong without pitting. It is a dandy little gun and if my thoughts are correct very very rare. 

 This is an ANTIQUE and can be shipped directly to you in the USA or INTERNATIONALLY. (adult signature required) Sold as an Antique ~ no guarantees, warranties, or liabilities for any actual usage. If any firearms are to be used for shooting purposes, a qualified gunsmith should inspect them first.

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