z Sold Classic damascus bowie knife.
z Sold Classic damascus bowie knife.
Classic damascus bowie knife. - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Classic damascus bowie knife.

RJT#4606 -


This Classic bowie knife has all the style and beauty of best of the knife makers art. The tang is tapered and mounted with rose wood scales in a semi coffin shape, held secure with 8 nickeled rivets. The blade has the historic shape of the Bowie. The sheath is well crafted of top grain leather. Damascus steel combines steels of different properties and produces blades with extraordinary toughness and edge-holding ability. Known as the Steel of the Ancients, Damascus knives and swords have lived in legend since the creation of Damascus steel nearly 2,000 years ago. The ancient city of Damascus was one of the centers of production of this steel. That, combined with the fact that the steel resembled the damask cloth which was being produced in the city of Damascus - both having a “water-marked” pattern - gave this steel its name. Viewed under a microscope, the cutting edge of a Damascus blade displays tiny saw-tooth carbides which are formed by forging in a coal fire. This enables the blade to cut even when it feels dull to the touch. Flexibility is superb. Every piece of Damascus is as unique as a thumb print. When ground on an angle, as in a blade, the displayed pattern is stunning. Note: Limited quantities available.

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