(Make Offer) Wooly Chaps
(Make Offer) Wooly Chaps
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(Make Offer) Wooly Chaps

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A beautiful bench made pair of black angora wooly chaps with beautiful floral carved waist leather. They have been used, enough to give them a great patina. The leather is alive and has plenty of use left. There are a few wear spots on the inside, (see photos) no major damage and all stitches are tight. Both billets are strong and ready uses. Each leg has a hidden side pocket. (see photo) They are canvas lined and leather backed. Styled in a transitional style of the early shotgun wooleys. That is to say the legs are step in style with the length of 40 inches. (see photo) A very collectible pair of chaps.   Wooly chaps are worn for the same reasons working cowboys wear other styles of chaps: They offer protection from brush, trees, thorns, weather, branding irons, and other hazards inherent to the cowboy lifestyle. Because the long hair on wooly chaps offers extra protection and insulation against cold and wet conditions they are particularly popular on norther ranges, where winters are long and harsh. While wooly chaps are practical, they are also very showy. For that reason they were popular with 1800s wild west show performers and Western artists. (The renowned Western artist Frederic Remington created a bronze statue titled "Wooly Chaps," also known as "The Bronco Buster." It depicts a cowboy wearing wooly chaps riding a bucking horse.) Wooly chaps are still popular today for reasons of practicality and showiness. We alway answer questions and entertain offers.

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