z Sold Ivory and silver cane
z Sold Ivory and silver cane
Ivory and silver cane alongside G.W. Childs, whos cane this was - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Ivory and silver cane

RJT#4667 -


This cane once belonged to G.W.Childs, born May 12, 1829, the illegitimate son of unidentified parents. His rise from obscurity was remarkable. He began work at age 12 in a bookstore. He entered the Navy, at age 13. After leaving the Navy, he becoming a clerk in a bookshop at age 14. Proving himself to be trustworthy in business, he was entrusted with buying books at auction. At 16, he was going to New York and Boston to attend publishing trade shows. At 18, he took his savings, of several hundred dollars, and leasing space at the Philadelphia Public Ledger and started his own firm. While working on building his business. At age 21, Childs was offered a partnership in the publishing firm of R.E. Peterson & Co, which he accepted. Peterson excelled in scientific knowledge, and Childs provided business acumen. The two partners grew the title Familiar Science into a 200,000-issue sale by interesting schools in using it as a textbook. Childs was known throughout his life for generosity and philanthropy. This approach won him a wide circle of friends whose affection and friendship ran deep. His cane bespeaks of his prosperity. It is Carved Ivory with silver overlay. The shaft is ebonized hard wood with a brass final.  On the blunt end of the handle is his name. This cane is a one of a kind 

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